Unotelly Review

I recently discovered a new service called Unotelly that you are given entry to blocked US TV-shows by promises and sites like and Hulu. I made the decision to write a Unotelly review too, while trying out the support out.

How Unotelly Works

Unotelly is as a way to get it working you will need to modify the IP address of the DNS servers that your machine or device uses and a DNS support. This way the DNS lookup will probably be re-routed trough their servers located in the usa. This works pretty well and it unblocks the sites as stated. There are some serious flaws however.

The Enormous Disadvantages to Unotelly

To be honest there is just not much to write in this Unotelly review besides the service functions. Yet, there are a few serious drawbacks with using such a support. To start with you aren’t going to get the added security of using a VPN service . Hacking and these days identity theft has turned into a sport that is nationwide and professionally I utilize a VPN link – particularly on my laptop and phone. That’s why Hide My Ass any day will be taken by me over a service like Unotelly.

Another serious drawback is the truth that the services listed at the site can be just unblocked by it. Using a VPN connection like a VPN for mobile phone it is possible to unblock any service which you like and as reward you get the extra safety along with that.


Allowed the Unotelly service does what it states, but I would never contemplate using it when there are options on the market like Hide My Ass which is much more versatile and protected.

Therefore that sums up my mini Unotelly Evaluation. In the event you like sign up for the service here – then I’d go for Unblock US instead if I needed to use a DNS service or I may individually stick with Hide My Butt