PureVPN – The VPN software from Asia

The company GZ Systems Ltd. developed in 2006 the paid VPN software PureVPN. Initially, the software was only available for customers in Hong Kong and the Chinese region, but now even users of other nations access to the program for the protection of Internet traffic. Scope of services: PureVPN was originally used to prevent data theft and data misuse and should protect both businesses and players of MMORPGs, which are very widespread in China. So you can be online both surfing and playing anonymously PureVPN uses the standard security protocols PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. The preferred Internet protocol may be selected by the users manually on startup or automatically selected depending on the speed of PureVPN. With the Split VPN function can also assign which applications should run over the VPN software and what programs are allowed to connect to the Internet via the normal line. Thereby the performance of the tunnel protected software in parallel multiple applications in order to prevent a loss of speed. Harmless apps such as a news app not engage thereby back to the VPN bandwidth and also not slow down other programs running on the protected connection. Server availability: Of PureVPN there server 300, which are distributed over 48 countries. The servers have here a span of different IP addresses that may lie between 60 and 120 addresses, so there are about 2050 addresses that can be distributed to users. Although the main location of the server is located in Hong Kong, most of the servers are located in Europe. In Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands, there are about more access points, which has a positive impact on the connectivity and the speed of the connection. There is also the server in the USA, Canada and South America, but there are no servers in Japan and other Asian regions outside of China. PureVPN is set up so that it automatically drives the nearest server to build the fastest possible connection. However, the server can also be changed manually when the connection speed due to high traffic is not satisfactory. In addition, the software provides a list of countries where you can sort the respective server even after functions. These lists vary, for example, which servers are suitable at the moment for online television services or streaming, and which servers are just more suitable for writing in Social Networks.