How to Change your DNS

Just stated, your DNS code determines the country you’re now in. Netflix uses this to direct you to the choice of your nation . But, the United States Netflix contains over 10,000 titles, while other nations just have or less. So how can we access the Netflix selection that is american? Simple, change your address. The process differs slightly depending on what device you’re utilizing, although this is a very straightforward thing to do.

In the event that you follow the steps for the specific apparatus below and still do not notice american Netflix, reboot your device. To confirm that you are in the US Netflix choice, lookup “Generator Rex”. It is a US Netflix distinctive, if you’re in the US Netflix selection and really should only show up. Best VPN for Netflix

1. Visit settings.

2. Head to Wireless Local Area Network.

3. The Wifi network you are now attached to to will have a check mark of the name of it’s next to the left. To the right, there must be a group with an arrow pointing to the correct (or an ‘i” if you’re using iOS 7). Click on it.

4. Substitute the existing primary and extra requirements in the DNS box using a main from our start page. Utilize a comma to separate the 2.

5. Log out of Netflix, and back in again.

6. Appreciate!