This page describes how hook targets are defined in various APIs.

Each hook that you define as part of using one of the hook-based APIs has the following fields:

Field Description
webhook Specify how to invoke this hook over HTTP(S).


  url: http://my-controller-svc/sync


Each Webhook has the following fields:

Field Description
url A full URL for the webhook (e.g. http://my-controller-svc/hook). If present, this overrides any values provided for path and service.
timeout A duration (in the format of Go’s time.Duration) indicating the time that Metacontroller should wait for a response. If the webhook takes longer than this time, the webhook call is aborted and retried later. Defaults to 10s.
path A path to be appended to the accompanying service to reach this hook (e.g. /hook). Ignored if full url is specified.
service A reference to a Kubernetes Service through which this hook can be reached.

Service Reference

Within a webhook, the service field has the following subfields:

Field Description
name The metadata.name of the target Service.
namespace The metadata.namespace of the target Service.
port The port number to connect to on the target Service. Defaults to 80.
protocol The protocol to use for the target Service. Defaults to http.